Experienced Divorce And Family Law Attorneys in Schaumburg

If you are facing a divorce, you should understand that you will have to make a number of important and difficult decisions that will have an impact on you and everyone else in your family.

We are the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., family law firm with more than 33 years of experience handling divorce cases. We can help you with legal decisions involving your divorce and help protect your interests throughout the process. Our attorneys can also assist you with other important, divorce-related matters like child custody and visitation to help you maintain positive relationships with your children. We provide clients with representation in high-asset divorces, spousal maintenance, property division and restraining order issues.

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Dedicated Palatine Family Law Lawyers

If your marriage has already ended and you wish to have the terms enforced or to make modifications to the terms of the divorce decree, we at the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., can assist you with these issues, including:

  • Change of custody
  • Child support modifications
  • Spousal maintenance modifications
  • Visitation modifications
  • Joint custody issues
  • Removal

We can also represent you if you are charged with domestic violence or domestic battery. You have rights with regard to property and asset division, false charges of criminal acts, removal of your children from your care, mental cruelty and many other issues that demand attention.

Divorce is a difficult process creating stress for everyone involved, especially children. While we are understanding of and have compassion for our clients, we are experienced trial lawyers who will aggressively protect you and your loved ones against your legal opponents.