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Many marriages end amicably; some marriages do not. Either way, there are issues that must be resolved before a final divorce decree is granted. Often, having an attorney represent you can help protect your interests.

We, at the Law Offices of Martin A. Delaney III, Ltd., have chosen to dedicate our practice to family law, handling legal issues that arise when marriages end. With more than 33 years of experience as trial attorneys and divorce lawyers, we have worked with clients on contentious family law and divorce cases. We believe with our experience we can assist you.

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Dedicated to Family Law and Divorce Matters

Family law is a term that encompasses many legal issues, including divorce, division of marital property, child custody, domestic violence, divorce modifications, visitation, spousal support, paternity and more. Although we handle all family law matters, this site focuses on those that are most important to many of our clients, such as:

Protecting Your Parental Rights

Many clients are concerned with where their children will live and how much time they will have with them after a divorce. Depending on the level of cooperation offered by your spouse, these issues can either be easy or difficult to work out. You need an experienced family law attorney to advise you of your options and how best to achieve your goals during a divorce.

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