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Hello! Andrea Heckman Law, Ltd., your friendly neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer here. What is a Personal Family Lawyer? You ask. It is a lawyer with the goal of being your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, and legal decisions for you and your family. The goal of Andrea Heckman Law, Ltd. Is to help you and your loved ones avoid the feeling that life is falling apart when faced with the death or disability of a loved one, the end of a marriage or relationship, deciding what is best for your children, and facing an uncertain future. We want you to know that simply looking at our website and reading this is the first step to getting some peace of mind about what is happening in your life and/or preparing for the future. As a Personal Family Lawyer, we want to start protecting you and the people you love. We look forward to meeting you.

OUR COMPANY HISTORY: Andrea Heckman Law, Ltd. Is a boutique law firm established on June 20, 2022. The firm was born from the partnership of Martin A. Delaney, III and Andrea N. Heckman. Mr. Delaney was able to retire from the practice of law after over 45 years of practice and left his practice in the capable hands of his partner Andrea N. Heckman. Andrea Heckman Law, Ltd., is a more than a family law firm. Andrea Heckman Law, Ltd. is a group that works with families in transition or preparing for a transition. The firm handles all pre-marital, divorce and custody-related matters such as parenting time, parental rights and responsibilities, child support, allocation of children’s expenses, spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony), property division, and restraining orders in order to help maintain and/or create positive family relationships. The firm has recently joined with the New Law Business Model to be a Personal Family Lawyer and conduct Estate Planning for young and old.

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Our law firm is dedicated to serving clients who seek a trial lawyer’s assistance with family law, divorce, and divorce-related issues. We can answer your questions about divorce matters and the legal process for ending your marriage in the state of Illinois. Our firm can handle the complex issues which often arise in divorce cases.

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