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When Should I Modify a Child Support Obligation?

When Should I Modify a Child Support O...

Income change is the most common reason to seek a child support change. Most people change jobs about a dozen times during the course of a career. Almost all these changes involve salary changes. Even if the obligor or obligee stays put, annual salary reviews…

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Seven Child Custody Factors in Illinois

Seven Child Custody Factors in Illinoi...

When it comes to parenting time divisions, most parents agree that these orders should be in the best interests of the children. However, many parents disagree as to the specifics. So, Illinois law sets forth a number of factors to consider. For the most part,…

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Seven Child Custody Factors in Schaumburg

Seven Child Custody Factors in Schaumb...

The best interests of the children is the overarching principle in parenting time divisions. Most good parents agree with this concept. Many parents disagree as to the specifics, however. Furthermore, some parents have trouble distinguishing the needs of the children from the wants of the…

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Common Child’s Best Interest Factors in Illinois

Common Child’s Best Interest Factors...

The Brady Bunch has gone from outlier to mainstream. A generation ago, stepparent/stepchildren relationships were almost unheard of. Today, the majority of households in Illinois fit this description. Parenting time determinations have changed, as well. A generation ago, many Illinois courts still employed the “tender…

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Handling the Holidays with a Parenting Plan

Handling the Holidays with a Parenting...

As the holidays approach, parents across the country scramble to find ways to manage the stress that inevitably comes with balancing a parenting plan with the holiday season. Often, considerations for specific holidays as well as more general ways to approach the holidays are included…

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