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  • Posted On: 1/14/2020
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    From Green to Grey: Special Issues in Over-55 Divorces

    A generation ago, divorce over age 55 was almost unheard of. Many couples who drifted apart obtained “Irish divorces.” These couples remained legally married but lived separate lives, often including residence in different houses.  At about the same time Ireland legalized divorce,

  • Posted On: 12/31/2019
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    Grey Divorce: A Closer Look

    A generation ago, divorce over age 55 was practically unheard of. Many couples in this age bracket drifted apart and lived separate lives, sometimes even in separate households. The d-word was almost never a factor. However, the grey divorce rate has doubled

  • Posted On: 12/10/2019
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    Five Child Support Enforcement Techniques That Really Work

    Children should not be financially penalized when their parents get a divorce. So, in income share states like Illinois, child support payments help children have the same standard of living they would have had if their parents remain married.  That is the

  • Posted On: 11/26/2019
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    The Three Cs of Divorce Mediation

    Frequently, divorcing couples agree on broad issues, but they disagree on the specifics. In these situations, a professional mediator often helps bickering spouses and their attorneys find a middle ground. That is especially true if both parties are eager to avoid a

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