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Creating a will protect you and your loved ones in the event of your passing. One of the most important estate planning documents, the will is something too often neglected. At Andrea Heckman Law, we provide the trusted legal guidance you need in creating or updating your will. Reach out to our Arlington Heights wills lawyer today.  

How Our Arlington Heights Wills Lawyer Can Help You

A will, formally referred to as a last will and testament, helps to convey final wishes in the event of your death. Unfortunately, Gallup polls show that nearly half of all adults do not have a valid will in place.

If you have neglected this important estate planning task, contact our Arlington Heights wills lawyer at Andrea Heckman Law. We can help in addressing important issues: 

  • Making sure your will conveys your final wishes in regards to your remains and memorial services;
  • Naming someone you trust as your personal representative in settling your estate;
  • Providing a complete inventory of all current property and assets;
  • Detailing outstanding debts and any money you may be owed;
  • Designating beneficiaries and how property should be distributed. 

It is important to avoid dying without a will, which is referred to as dying intestate. It puts your family in a difficult situation, subjecting them to lengthy probate court proceedings while jeopardizing your rights and those of the people you care about most. 

Does Your Will Meet Legal Requirements in Illinois and Reflect Your Current Situation?

Even if you have a last will and testament in place, it may not meet legal requirements under the Illinois Statutes. Your will must be created under sound mind, free of any type of fraud or coercion, and be signed by two credible witnesses (who preferably have no financial interest in the will). Unfortunately, this rules out many do-it-yourself or online wills. 

Even if you have a legally valid will, you need to be sure that it is updated regularly to reflect your current situation. Our Arlington Heights wills lawyer helps ensure your will meets all requirements. We make sure it conforms to state laws and guide you in making important updates, often needed in the following situations:  

  • When you have had a birth or death in the family;
  • When one of your beneficiaries gets divorced;
  • When you have had changes in income or earnings;
  • When you have purchased or sold valuable property or other assets.

Contact Our Arlington Heights Wills Lawyer Today

If you do not have a will or have neglected to make important changes, reach out to Andrea Heckman Law today. We can help ensure your will is valid and includes the provisions needed to protect you and your loved ones. Call or contact our Arlington Heights wills lawyer online today to request a consultation. 

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