Buffalo Grove Divorce Lawyer

Buffalo Grove Divorce Lawyer

Divorce’s moral acceptability rating is much higher than it was 20 years ago. As a result, most people in Buffalo Grove now see marriage dissolution as a legitimate way to end a relationship that is unfulfilling for whatever reason. Some recent legal changes have made marriage dissolutions easier to obtain, as well.

At Andrea Heckman Law, our Buffalo Grove divorce lawyers know how to expedite your marriage dissolution case. Our hard work helps resolve the process earlier and reduce or eliminate the emotional damage your family could experience. That diligence sets up our clients, and their families, for long-term success.

Premarital Agreements

If at all possible, the foundation of an efficient divorce should be laid long before this subject comes up. Thanks to the aforementioned legal changes, these pacts are now easier to obtain and harder to break. So, in addition to making divorce smoother, they make marriages stronger.

Premarital agreements can cover most financial issues, such as property classification and spousal support levels. Additionally, premarital agreements firmly establish inheritance and succession matters. If you have been married before, these issues are quite complex, especially if a family business is involved.

Now that lawmakers have adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreements Act, these pacts are much more ironclad. Enforcement results are much more predictable in different Illinois counties, as well as in other UPAA states.

The Divorce Process

To file for divorce, one spouse must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 days. A six-month waiting period applies in a few cases, but this waiting period is generally inapplicable. Illinois is now a pure no-fault state. Evidence-based divorce, such as adultery and abandonment, is now largely unavailable in Illinois.

At a temporary hearing, the judge usually makes important decisions about important matters. If you do not have a Buffalo Grove divorce lawyer at this hearing, your legal and financial rights might not be respected.

The discovery process usually comes next. Financial discovery usually involves the classification and division of marital property, as well as a spousal support determination. Emotional discovery usually involves parenting time divisions. Under Illinois’ co-parenting law, this division must be roughly equal and be in the best interests of the children.

Mediation resolves most divorce cases. During mediation, an unaffiliated Buffalo Grove divorce lawyer supervises settlement negotiations. If both sides work with the mediator in good faith, meditation is usually successful.

Divorce Modification

The emotional and financial circumstances usually change over time, and the divorce orders must keep pace with these changes.

Parenting time division changes could be as simple as moving a drop-off time or as complex as changing the child’s primary residence. In all such cases, informal arrangements are always unenforceable. Instead, a Buffalo Grove divorce lawyer must present official paperwork to a judge.

Financial changes usually involve income changes. If the change is permanent, was not anticipated at the time the prior orders were entered, and was made in good faith, a judge usually modifies spousal support and/or child support obligations.

Reach Out to a Diligent Attorney

In divorce cases as in life, a solid foundation usually means a solid result. For a free consultation with an experienced Buffalo Grove divorce lawyer, contact Andrea Heckman Law. After-hours, home, and virtual visits are available.

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