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Anyone who has been a parent for any length of time knows how much of a selfless commitment parenthood is. While you deal with the stresses and changes that life brings, you still love, provide for, and raise your child. This is true, no matter what happens to your relationship with your child’s other parent. As much as you love and want your kids, you know that parenthood complicates life, and divorce is no exception. Suppose you have children and are facing a divorce or other legal custody issues. In that case, you might be looking for the best child custody attorneys near you. 

Look no further than Andrea Heckman Law.

Types of Child Custody

When you hire experienced child custody lawyers near you, they can explain the different types of child custody available in Illinois. All divorcing parents should have a basic understanding of the following types of child custody.

Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to whom the child will live with. Sometimes they live primarily with one parent and have visitation periods with the other. Alternatively, the court might award joint physical custody that allows the child to spend equal amounts of time with both of their parents. However, in most cases, the court only awards joint physical custody if the parents live near each other and have an amicable relationship.

Legal Custody

Legal custody deals with who has the right to make significant decisions regarding the child’s needs and upbringing. For example, the parent with legal custody has decision making authority regarding the child’s:

  • Education
  • Religious affiliation and training
  • Healthcare

The physical custody arrangement can be different from that of the legal custody arrangement.

Sole Custody

Sole custody is when one parent has custody. It can be awarded for physical and legal custody or for one of them. Illinois family courts prefer to award joint custody whenever possible. Still, in some situations, their only choice is to give one parent sole custody.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is the arrangement that allows both parents to share custody of the child. It can apply to either physical or legal custody or both. Allowing joint custody is ideal, but it’s not always possible. When you hire child custody attorneys near you, they can explain this in more detail.

Child Custody Modifications

Even once the court has entered its custody orders in your case, circumstances can change. These orders are meant to be permanent, but the court recognizes that parents can have job or schedule changes. There can also be changes with extended family members and other factors that impact the viability and practicality of the custody orders. Because of this, parents can petition the court in some circumstances to change the custody orders. If you think you have reason to seek a custody order modification, meet with experienced child custody lawyers near you as soon as possible.

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