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As a parent, nothing is more important than protecting your children. In situations in which there are disputes over custody and parenting time arrangements, you can count on Andrea Heckman Law to act as a strong legal ally on your side. Our child custody lawyers in Hoffman Estates have more than 10 years of experience representing clients and are dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome in your case. 

Let Our Hoffman Estates Child Custody Lawyers Help Protect You and Your Child

Child custody disputes can arise during divorce or in cases involving unmarried parents. Under the Illinois Statutes, courts generally encouraged shared parenting time arrangements, which allow both parties to remain active and involved in the child’s life.

While sharing parenting time and parental responsibilities sounds reasonable, reaching mutual agreements often proves challenging. At Andrea Heckman Law, our child custody lawyers in Hoffman Estates can help in this situation, making sure both your rights as a parent and your child’s best interests are protected. 

We thoroughly review all the circumstances surrounding your case and negotiate with other parties on your behalf. Common factors that influence parenting time and child custody or visitation arrangements include: 

  • Each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child;
  • Their proven ability to provide for the child’s needs;
  • Their willingness to cooperate with the other party in implementing parenting time arrangements;
  • Problems such as accusations of domestic violence or drug and alcohol abuse, or any situation which could put the child in jeopardy. 

We Help You Get the Parenting Time You Deserve

Child custody proceedings in Hoffman Estates are held through the Cook County Domestic Relations Court. With our decades’ worth of experience dealing with other attorneys, family court judges, and courthouse personnel, you can trust us to handle your case in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

We file the required legal documents, appear at your side in legal proceedings, and protect your rights in parenting time arrangements. Issues our child custody lawyers in Hoffman Estates address as part of these proceedings include: 

  • Whether sole or joint custody is in the child’s best interests;
  • Rights regarding visitation on weekends, holidays, and school breaks;
  • Parental rights and responsibilities regarding other areas of the child’s life and the right to make decisions on their behalf;
  • Procedures for handling any problems or disputes that arise and your rights in making parenting time modifications.   

Contact Our Child Custody Lawyers in Hoffman Estates

Do not take chances when it comes to your children. To ensure their best interests and your rights regarding parenting time are protected, reach out to Andrea Heckman Law. Give us a call or contact our child custody lawyers in Hoffman Estates online and request a consultation today.  

Contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation and review of your case.


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