Divorce Attorney Near Schaumburg

Divorce Attorney Near Schaumburg

Divorce is typically a painful and burdensome process on one level or another. Yet, for most divorcing couples, it is a necessary part of journeying to the better life that awaits them. Whether the circumstances leading up to your divorce have already been contentious or even violent, or you and your spouse have decided to split amicably, our divorce attorneys near Schaumburg can help you.

Illinois Divorce Requirements

Not much is required of spouses who want to file for divorce in Illinois, which streamlines the process and makes it easier for everyone involved. One spouse must have lived in the state for at least 90 days before either can file for divorce. You don’t have to file for divorce in the same county or state where your marriage took place. 

A married couple must only prove to a judge that they have irreconcilable differences in order to be eligible for a divorce. If a couple lives apart for at least six months before getting divorced, the court automatically assumes this. The filing spouse doesn’t have to prove any wrongdoing on the other spouse’s part to be eligible for or granted a divorce.

Settling Divorce Matters

However enjoyable combining your lives might have been, it was still work when you got married. Now that you’ve been together in a legal marriage for some time, you can expect that dividing your lives will take even more work and time. This is especially true if you have children together, run a family business, or have high assets. Our divorce lawyers near Schaumburg are well-versed in all types of divorces, and they aren’t afraid to stand up for your rights, no matter how contentious your divorce proceedings might become.

The significant matters that will need to be settled before your divorce can be finalized include:

  • The division of assets, property, and debts—Illinois is an equitable property state, and all marital property must be divided equitably, which doesn’t necessarily mean equal as it does in community property states.
  • Spousal maintenance—also referred to as alimony, some spouses will need to provide payments to the other to help support them during this time of transition or indefinitely.
  • Parental responsibilities—if you have children with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, who will pay child support, and how much will need to be determined.
  • Parenting plans and visitation—formerly known as child custody, parents will need to determine who will have primary physical and legal custody of their child and a visitation schedule to include school breaks, summer breaks, weekends, birthdays, and holidays.

Keep in mind that most of the provisions set forth in the final divorce decree are final. When you are represented by experienced divorce attorneys near Schaumburg, you have the assurance that all is being done to reach a fair settlement on your behalf.

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Divorce involves many issues, emotions, and nuances. No matter if you or your spouse filed for divorce, you might be worried about your finances, your children, and your future. At Delaney Heckman, we understand these worries and all the varying emotions that can come at this challenging time. Our divorce lawyers near Schaumburg aim to handle your legal burdens to help alleviate some of your worries and anxieties. To schedule a divorce case consultation, contact us today.

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