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In mid-size Midwestern communities like Hoffman Estates, many people prize consistency and stability more than anything arguably. There are few, if any, things that are more inconsistent and unstable than marriage dissolution. That is especially true if the spouses have been married for more than a few years and/or have children.

The compassionate divorce attorneys in Hoffman Estates at the Andrea Heckman Law understand what you are going through. Many of us have gone through divorce ourselves. So, we offer more than assertive representation. We also offer solid legal advice, so you can make the best possible choices for your family’s future.

The Temporary Hearing

A good divorce attorney in Hoffman Estates is essential from the beginning. Things happen very quickly in marriage dissolution proceedings. About two weeks after the petitioner files legal paperwork, the judge usually holds a temporary hearing. Although the resulting orders technically end when the divorce is final, these interim orders often form the blueprint for the final orders.

Parenting time is a good illustration. Once the judge approves or orders a division, that division normally becomes permanent. Like other people in Hoffman Estates, family law judges often prize stability very highly. They will usually not upset a parenting time division unless there is clear evidence the plan is not in the best interests of the children.

Frequently, this evidence comes from a social worker’s evaluation. If a social worker evaluates the case and recommends a different parenting time division, such as a change of residential custodians, most judges are amenable to change.

Resolving a Hoffman Estates Divorce

Other new evidence may affect the resolution as well. Frequently, spouses try to hide money to reduce their spousal support or other financial obligations. Intentional over-withholding is a good illustration. Some spouses increase tax withholding to artificially lower their net incomes. Then, in the spring, they get this money back in the form of a tax refund. 

Diligent divorce attorneys in Hoffman Estates know how to spot this tactic, and how to address it in court. Too much force drives the spouse underground, and too little force makes an equitable property division impossible.

Once all parenting time and property division cards are on the table, settlement negotiations can begin in earnest. These agreed settlements resolve many cases. As long as the agreement upholds the best interests of the children and equitably divides marital property, judges almost always approve such pacts.

Alternatively, mediation may resolve a marriage dissolution. During mediation, a neutral third party works to facilitate a settlement between the two sides. Mediation is usually successful if both parties participate with open minds and in good faith.

The “final” orders usually do not end a case. Marriage dissolutions may lie dormant for a time, but they hardly ever close. Because financial and emotional circumstances change, the divorce orders may need frequent modification.

Work with a Savvy Lawyer

Most marriage dissolutions follow the same procedural pattern. For a free consultation with an experienced divorce attorney in Hoffman Estates, contact the Andrea Heckman Law We have several area offices to serve you.

Contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation and review of your case.


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