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Whether you’ve been married for only a few months, several decades, or somewhere in between, divorce can invoke many emotions. It can also be quite contentious when two different people try to go their separate ways, especially if they have children together and many assets. Suppose you’ve decided that your marital bliss has come to an end. In that case, one of the most crucial tasks that you should tackle early on is to hire a dedicated divorce lawyer in Hoffman Estates. Having a divorce lawyer on your side as soon as possible can ensure that you have the most favorable outcome once everything is said and done. 

How Long Will Your Divorce Take?

Most spouses going through the divorce process want it to be over with almost as soon as it starts. It’s not a fun process for anyone involved; however, it can’t be rushed. Often divorcing spouses have many issues that must be worked out before the divorce can be finalized. If they can’t agree on these issues and will be filing a contested divorce or one spouse is uncooperative in the process, it will take longer. However, suppose the couple hasn’t been married for long, has minimal assets, or has children together. In that case, it can be a much shorter process. 

Check with your divorce lawyers in Hoffman Estates to find out how long you might expect your divorce to last. While they can’t predict the future, they can give you an estimate based on recent experiences. Most divorces will take at least a few months. Others can take a year or longer. If you want to move more quickly through the process, do everything your divorce attorneys in Hoffman Estates ask of you as soon as possible. 

Will Your Divorce Lawyers in Hoffman Estates Accompany You in Court?

In time you need to appear in court, in front of a judge, for a mediation session or other type of negotiation, your attorney will be present with you. You never have to go through these matters alone, and no one should expect you to. Having your attorney with you not only gives you peace of mind but also helps protect you. However, keep in mind that not all divorces will end up in court. Some can be negotiated with the help of attorneys and will only need to be approved by the judge.

Can You Represent Yourself?

You are not required to have the representation of any lawyer during the divorce process. You are free to handle your divorce on your own. However, it’s not in your best interest to do so. Many people going through a divorce are unaware of their rights or how Illinois family law applies in their specific divorce situation. Without the knowledge and experience of an attorney, it can be impossible to obtain a divorce that ends in your favor.

Divorce Attorneys in Hoffman Estates

If you are searching for effective and reputable divorce lawyers in Hoffman Estates, look no further than Andrea Heckman Law. We are skilled negotiators who will stand up for your rights, no matter the issues you face. Our deep familiarity with Illinois divorce law and our compassion for our clients sets us apart from the rest. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your confidential divorce consultation with one of our lawyers today.

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