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For many years, almost all children lived with their biological parents, who were married to each other, as well as their biological siblings. Now, many children live with at least one step-parent and/or step-sibling. Other children live in adoptive households, single-parent households, or with a grandparent. These families face unique emotional and financial challenges.

The family law attorneys near Schaumburg at Andrea Heckman Law help families overcome these challenges. We set up practical, long-term, and cost-effective solutions in areas like parenting time divisions. We also establish fair child and spousal support payments. This commitment helps us achieve results that often exceed our clients’ expectations.

Family Law Matters We Handle

Recently, Illinois lawmakers significantly updated the state’s family code to keep up with the changing nature of the American family. As a result, our family law attorneys near Schaumburg now offer a diverse array of services, including:

  • Divorce: The marriage dissolution rate has dropped somewhat in recent decades, but it is still twice as high as it used to be. Most divorces involve both financial and emotional issues, especially if the spouses did not have a solid premarital agreement.
  • Paternity: In many population groups, the out-of-wedlock birth rate is almost as high, or even higher, than the in-wedlock birth rate. A paternity order establishes clear emotional boundaries and realistic financial expectations.
  • Divorce Modification: As a rule of thumb, financial orders, like child support orders, should be legally modified at least once every four years. Emotional orders, like parenting time disputes, might need even more frequent modification, as emotional circumstances often change radically.

Our family law attorneys near Schaumburg represent both petitioners and respondents in all these matters. We believe that everyone has legal and financial rights.

What to Expect in a Family Law Case

Most family law matters settle out of court, and that settlement could occur at any time. However, most Cook County family law cases follow the same general outline.

Once someone files a petition, the judge often holds a temporary hearing. That is especially true in divorce matters and modifications which involve an immediate danger to a child.

Next, in contested cases involving children, Cook County judges often order social studies. A social services worker reviews the paperwork, interviews the principles, does some additional digging, and then makes a parenting time recommendation to the court. Although the judge has the final say, the social services report is often compelling.

Financial discovery in a family law case could be very straightforward or extremely time-consuming. Frequently, one parent tries to hide assets in order to reduce support payments. Our family law attorneys near Schaumburg know the signs to look for, and they know how to prove their allegations in court.

If the case remains unresolved after discovery, the judge will probably refer the matter to mediation. Essentially, mediation is a court-supervised negotiation session which occurs in an informal setting. If both sides negotiate in good faith, mediation is almost always successful.

Team Up with an Experienced Attorney

Family law matters, like child custody disputes, usually have emotional and financial aspects. For a free consultation with an experienced family law attorney near Schaumburg, contact Andrea Heckman Law. We routinely handle matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions. 

Contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation and review of your case.


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