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Family law addresses legal matters that relate to your family, which makes these matters especially important. While divorce is a common family law concern, family law is actually far broader than simply divorce alone. If you are facing a legal issue that relates to your divorce, your parental rights, or anything else that’s family-related, an experienced family law lawyer in Schaumburg can help. 

Your Family Law Concerns

Family law concerns are wide-ranging and can include all of the following:

  • Both contested and uncontested divorces
  • The division of marital assets
  • Alimony (called spousal maintenance in Illinois)
  • Parental responsibility and parenting time (child custody)
  • Existing court orders related to parenting (both enforcement and modification)
  • Orders of protection and other matters that relate to domestic violence
  • Paternity
  • Name changes and other administrative concerns of the court
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

If your legal issue relates to you and your family, chances are that it’s a matter for a family lawyer. 

Common Family Law Matters

Family law addresses all of the issues that make up a divorce, all post-divorce modifications, and all parental rights and parenting time issues outside of marriage. The basics within these categories include:

  • Parental Responsibility – The State of Illinois no longer officially employs the term child custody and has replaced what you probably think of as legal custody with parental responsibility, which refers to who makes important decisions on behalf of the children. 
  • Parenting Time – What you likely think of as physical custody is now called parenting time in Illinois, and this refers to how the children split their time between both parents. 
  • Division of Marital Property – In Illinois, property that is acquired during the course of a marriage is (with a few exceptions) considered marital property. In the event of divorce, marital property must be divided in a manner that is equitable or fair when the circumstances involved are taken into careful consideration. 
  • Child Support – Child support is the legal tool that the state employs to help ensure that both parents continue to support their children financially. The parent with whom the children live the majority of the time typically receives child support from the other parent, but even when parents split their parenting time equally, the higher earner generally pays child support to the other because this financial obligation is based on each parent’s relative ability to pay. 
  • Alimony – Alimony is called spousal maintenance in Illinois, and it is intended to help balance any post-divorce financial inequities. For example, if one spouse will experience a divorce-related financial hardship and the other has the financial means to offset it, the court may award alimony.    

An Experienced Family Law Lawyer in Schaumburg Is on Your Side

Family law concerns are often complicated and tend to represent difficult transitions in life. The compassionate family law lawyers at Andrea Heckman Law in Schaumburg understand the stressful nature of your situation and are standing by to help. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.  

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