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The breakup of a marriage is never easy, even if you and your spouse agree to getting a divorce. Potential issues involved in your divorce case can impact your well-being and financial security for years to come. At Andrea Heckman Law, our Kildeer divorce attorneys are strong allies to have on your side during this time. For more than 45 years, we have provided the professional legal representation our clients need to ensure their current and future best interests are protected.

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Divorce can be an isolating experience, impacting your relationships with friends and family members. In this situation, it is important to realize you are not alone. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (DPH), roughly 4,000 people in Lake County go through a divorce each year.

At Andrea Heckman Law, we know that each divorce case is as unique as the couple involved. Whereas some are on amicable terms, others are involved in more highly contested proceedings. Regardless of the situation, there are certain matters under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Statutes that must be resolved before a judge can issue a final order in your case. Our Kildeer divorce attorneys can guide you through the following, protecting your rights and interests in the process:

  • Division of marital property, which involves distributing property, assets, and debt accumulated during your marriage.
  • Considerations regarding spousal support, maintenance and/or alimony, which may be an issue if one of the spouses has considerably greater income or assets than the other;
  • Child custody and timesharing arrangements, which include creating parenting time plans;
  • Child support, enforcement, and modifications of existing orders, to ensure your child’s needs are provided for now and in the future.

In Kildeer divorce proceedings, your divorce petition and other documents are submitted to the Lake County Circuit Court. At Andrea Heckman Law, our Kildeer divorce attorneys have spent more than three decades representing clients in the above types of matters, earning us respect in the legal community and among court personnel, judges, and others involved in your case.

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