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Few areas of law combine emotional and financial issues more than a divorce. Because of this combination, even seemingly straightforward divorces are often intricate affairs. Complicating matters even further, there is usually at least some mistrust between the parties.

The experienced attorneys at the Andrea Heckman Law know how to approach both financial and emotional divorce issues. In many ways, these two things are similar. Both require hard work and attention to detail. Furthermore, both require a unique understanding of divorces in Long Grove. We identify all the issues and move toward a resolution that offers long-term, cost-effective solutions that protect your family and uphold your legal and financial rights.

Emotional Issues in a Cook County Divorce

The parenting time division is a rather obvious emotional issue. Most parents agree on broad principles — that the division should be in the best interests of the children and that children benefit from regular contact with both parents. However, most parents disagree as to the specifics.

We typically use a broad agreement as the framework for the parenting time division. If both parties are on the same page with regard to the broad principles, it is easier to agree on specifics, like the number of overnights, pickup and drop-off times, child-rearing principles (e.g. where the children will go to church), and other issues.

Most people think of property division as a financial issue, and in many cases, that is correct. Property often has an emotional value, as well. For example, to many people, a retirement account is more than numbers on a spreadsheet. It also represents the reward for financial discipline and long-term economic security. This value is even higher if the account owner has been divorced before and the retirement nest egg has already been divided once.

Many times, we engineer setoffs in these cases. For example, the non-owner spouse might accept larger alimony payments in exchange for a lower share of the retirement account. Arrangements like this one are available in other areas, as well.

Long Grove Divorce Lawyers and Financial Issues

Illinois is an income share state with regard to child support. So, the child support formula is a complex combination of income levels, overnight stays, number of children, and some other factors. The result is an objective number that is usually fair to both sides and provides adequately for the children’s needs.

This number is not set in stone. Incomes and needs both change and in many cases, they change frequently. So, in addition to original determinations, we also handle child support modification matters.

Similarly, Cook County family law judges use objective formulas to determine spousal support in a Long Grove divorce. This formula considers the relative amounts of spousal income and the length of the marriage. If the result is too low or too high, reconsideration factors basically involve one spouse’s ability to pay and the other’s financial need.

This ability and need-based inquiry are also relevant in a modification action. If circumstances change and there is legal justification, a judge may change both the amount and duration of spousal support payments.

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