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Most children now live in single-parent homes or with a biological parent and stepparent. This diversity in typical family structure presents a wide array of legal, emotional, and financial challenges. These families must deal with these challenges while they strive to live their lives. Many times, these struggles have roots in a divorce which, for whatever reason, was not handled properly.

The experienced Mt. Prospect family law attorneys at Andrea Heckman Law know how to fully resolve all issues in either a divorce or post-divorce dispute. In so doing, we give families the tools they need to move forward. We all benefit from an environment such as this. That is why our Mt. Prospect family law attorneys go out of their way to help families like yours.

Laying the Foundation: Divorce and Paternity Matters

Two of the most common initial family law procedures either allow two people to go their separate ways or create legal bonds that benefit both parents and children.

In one respect, divorce is a permanent dissolution of marriage. In Illinois, a divorce completely resolves all issues pertaining to the marriage dissolution. That includes things like property division, alimony, and child support.

In another respect, divorce reconstitutes the family. The judge makes orders concerning parenting time divisions, pickup and drop-off, and so on. These orders must set up a workable framework. Most children benefit from consistent and meaningful contact with both their biological parents.

In other situations, divorce is inappropriate, because the parents were never legally married. Therefore, there is no marital property to divide, but there are issues with regard to child support and parenting time. Without permanent orders from a Cook County family law judge, either parent may unilaterally cut off contact between the other parent and the children.

Other initial family law matters include name changes. Many times, stepparent adoption is not practical for some reason, but a minor name change can give everyone in the household the same last name.

Future Endeavors: Family Law Modification Matters in Cook County

In this context, “permanent orders” are never meant to be permanent. Families change over time. The parents change jobs, the family changes residences, and emotional bonds shift. If circumstances materially and substantially change, a motion to modify may be in order.

These motions can cover a wide range of changes. Some common ones include income or expense-based support changes and relocation-based parenting time alterations.

In other cases, the orders themselves are still workable, but a parent refuses to follow them. A motion to enforce makes it clear that such behavior is unacceptable. This motion may also punish the recalcitrant parent and clarify any orders that need additional explanation.

Other subsequent family law proceedings include stepparent adoptions. In most cases, these proceedings are more streamlined than standard adoptions.

When conflicts arise in either stage of a family law proceeding, the parties usually resolve them out of court. These settlements decrease legal fees, shorten the time needed to resolve matters, and give the parties more control over the outcome.

Reach Out to a Tenacious Lawyer

Whatever stage your family law dispute is in, you have legal options. For a free consultation with an experienced family law attorney in Mt. Prospect, contact Andrea Heckman Law. Convenient payment plans are available.

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