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Spousal support, which is also called alimony and spousal maintenance, refers to payments made by one ex-spouse to the other when divorce leaves one at a financial disadvantage while the other has the financial ability to help. Spousal support can be an important financial tool for helping an ex who faces financial difficulties ahead get back on his or her feet and support himself or herself financially. If you are facing a divorce and have questions or concerns about spousal support, consult with an experienced Palatine spousal support attorney today. 

The Court’s Goal

The court’s goal when it awards spousal support is to help balance financial discrepancies between both parties of the divorce. Spousal support is generally set for a specific amount of time, which is calculated in accordance with how long it will likely take for the recipient to obtain the necessary education, experience, and/or job skills to become financially independent. 

Permanent spousal support is generally only awarded after very long marriages in which one spouse worked and the other contributed by raising the children and running the home, in situations in which one spouse is incapable of supporting himself or herself due to a physical or mental disability, or when there are other extenuating circumstances at play. An important note to make here is that the court can also address financial discrepancies via the division of marital assets. 

The Factors that Affect the Court’s Decisions

When making a determination about whether or not you will receive spousal support – and if so, the amount and duration – the court will take varying factors into careful consideration, including:

  • The length of your marriage
  • The standard of living you achieved during your marriage
  • Your separate property and finances, including the marital property that you’ve been awarded
  • Whether you will experience a financial need post-divorce
  • Your income relative to your soon-to-be ex’s (including any retirement accounts and/or disability payments)
  • Your realistic earning capacity now and into the future
  • Your age and your physical and mental health status
  • How decisions made during your marriage affected your ability to earn (such as if you left the workforce to raise your children and support your spouse’s career)
  • Whether or not you contributed to your spouse’s education (thus allowing him or her to become the higher earner)
  • The tax implications associated with your division of marital property
  • The terms of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreement you have in place
  • Any additional factors the court deems relevant

Every spousal support case is utterly unique to the people, circumstances, and relevant factors involved. 

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