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After a loss in the family, it is difficult to imagine jumping through legal hurdles to obtain answers about a loved one’s legal will.. Grief becomes even more complicated with contentious family arguments over an estate when no legal document is left behind and debts are owed. If you are experiencing issues with your estate plan or a deceased loved one’s will, our Rolling Meadows probate attorney can assist you with finding legal answers to your pressing questions. 

A probate attorney is a licensed lawyer in Illinois who can assist the executor of a will, beneficiaries, or family members in understanding their rights and responsibilities after the death of a loved one. A probate attorney can also help organize assets, locate and pay off debt, and distribute finances to appointed family members. 

How can a Rolling Meadows Probate Attorney Help Me?

A probate lawyer will assist an executor in paying outstanding bills, taxes, and debts and selling property or assets throughout the probate process. In Illinois, when an estate possesses a value under $100,000 without property, a lawyer isn’t required for probate court per the Illinois Small Estate Affidavit. 

Paying debts, bills, and taxes may seem straightforward, but grief and loss may feel overwhelming after a loved one’s death. However, when property, assets, and finances rank above the $100,000 threshold, a probate attorney is critically essential to consult regarding compliance with Illinois state law. We can help. 

Creating an estate plan and understanding probate is more than just a will. We will help you organize your estate and establish decision-makers within your family and close friends responsible for managing assets, paying debts, and facilitating financial decisions. Through an estate plan, you can protect your assets and keep them out of probate by designating payable on death (POD) or transfer to identified beneficiaries.

Why Create an Estate Plan?

To ensure a smooth retirement and prevent any potential conflicts during probate, seeking the assistance of a Rolling Meadows estate planning lawyer is highly recommended. Although estate planning is often viewed as preparing for life, it also involves planning for death. This process involves an in-depth understanding of tax laws, elder care regulations, and intestate succession laws, among other legal considerations. 

Creating a comprehensive estate plan can be daunting, particularly if contemplating the death of a loved one or contemplating your own is uncomfortable. An experienced Rolling Meadows estate planning attorney can guide you in planning for the future and crafting an estate plan that prioritizes your happiness and the well-being of your loved ones.

Contact our Rolling Meadows Probate Attorney Today

If you are in the Chicago area, it’s always early enough to contact an estate planning attorney who can assist you and your family with probate. To initiate work on your estate plan and ensure that your wealth benefits you and your loved ones, consider contacting Andrea Heckman Law in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. At Andrea Heckman Law, our team can help you find comfort in planning your estate and offer expertise with tasks including probate to ease your mind during this difficult time. 

Contact us today for a consultation and learn how our team can assist you with your estate planning and probate needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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