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Should We Get a Baby-Nup Agreement?

There is an old adage that a stitch in time saves nine. In other words, a little extra effort at the beginning usually means less effort, and fewer problems later on. This saying does not apply in all cases, but it generally applies with regard to parenting a new baby, especially if the couple are first-time parents.

Frankly, before 2019, our lawyers never did baby-nup agreements. Now, they are the latest thing. But baby-nups are more than a fad. Much like prenuptial agreements, baby-nups resolve common disputes, like who will get up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby, before these disputes become arguments. 

In most cases, baby-nups are fairly straightforward. One Rolling Meadows family law attorney can typically draft the document. There is no need for separate representation. After all, a baby-nup is not an adversarial matter. Rather, it is a way to get everyone on the same page and solve conflicts before they begin.

Baby-Nup Issues

Newborn babies make cute sounds and have a pleasant aroma. But these sounds are not always cute, and the aroma is not always pleasant. Baby-nups help parents prepare for these eventualities. Some specific topics usually include:

  • Nighttime Care: Have you ever wondered why female partners usually sleep on the outside of the bed? Historically, female partners always got up to perform nighttime infant care. Many couples want a more even division, and a baby-nup sets important ground rules in this area.
  • Daytime Care: Most parents love spending time with their children, yet most parents also have to work. A baby-nup often sets guidelines as to who will stay home with the baby at what times. Additionally, baby-nups may designate the type of preschool the baby will attend later. This point leads us to…
  • Baby Budget: The three-headed financial monster of formula, diapers, and daycare often wreaks havoc on the checkbook, and many first-time parents are not fully prepared for these expenses. Once again, baby-nups get everyone on the same page, in terms of financial expectations.
  • Social Matters: Activities like playdates and Parents’ Day Out are usually good for both adults and children. But there can be too much of a good thing. A baby-nup, which can be amended at any time, creates a doable social schedule for your family.

Traditionally, couples have fought over some or all of these issues. Often, these conflicts can mushroom into something truly devastating. Generally, if there is any way to reduce the amount of stress and strife in a marriage, that avenue is at least worth exploring.

Baby-Nup Nuts and Bolts

A family law attorney can prepare a baby-nup in only one office visit. In fact, the entire matter can be handled over secure email and telephone calls, if that works better for your schedule.

It is also important to understand what a baby-nup is not. These documents may not address any other family law issues, such as step-parent visitation. Also, while these documents may be enforceable as contracts, they are probably not enforceable in family court. Fortunately, these issues rarely arise.

Count on a Dedicated Lawyer

Baby-nups make your new family’s life a little more trouble-free. For a free consultation with an experienced family law attorney in Rolling Meadows, contact the Andrea Heckman Law We routinely handle matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions.

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