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Special Financial Issues in Grey Divorces

Special Financial Issues in Grey Divor...

The overall divorce rate is lower than it has been since the no-fault revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. But among couples over 60, the divorce rate is at an all-time high. As outlined below, these marriage dissolutions have some rather unique financial aspects. The…

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Love, Marriage, Baseball, and Premarital Agreements

Love, Marriage, Baseball, and Premarit...

Those are probably four words you never thought you would see together in the same sentence of a legal blog. Yet the saga of Frank and Jamie McCourt, the former owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is one of the best lessons in the nuts…

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Successful Strategies at the Critical Temporary Hearing

Successful Strategies at the Critical ...

Successful military campaigns require things like ample supplies, high morale, and effective leadership. The initiative, however, might be the most important thing of all. The side that moves aggressively, perhaps by taking the high ground, often prevails.  Similarly, success in a family law case often…

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Making and Breaking Premarital Agreements in Illinois

Making and Breaking Premarital Agreeme...

Until fairly recently, only the super-wealthy bothered with prenuptial agreements in Illinois. The complex web of laws made these agreements difficult to make. In terms of enforcement, results varied significantly in different counties in the state, as well as different courtrooms in the same county.…

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Top 10 Property Division Factors in Cook County

Top 10 Property Division Factors in Co...

In terms of property division, Illinois is an equitable distribution state. In this context, “equitable” is not always synonymous with “equal.” Judges must divide property in such a way that the divorce is not an unfair burden on either party. To effectuate such a division,…

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