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Losing a loved one is one of the most painful life experiences. Unfortunately, in the midst of grieving your loss, there are often potenatially complex and time-consuming probate court proceedings to navigate. At Andrea Heckman Law, we provide the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need throughout this process. Our experienced Arlington Heights probate attorney takes the legal actions needed to settle your loved one’s estate, allowing you to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time. 

Our Arlington Heights Probate Attorney Acts as a Trusted Ally on Your Side

Probate involves the process of settling the estate of someone who is recently deceased. Under the Illinois Code, probate court proceedings may be required, regardless of whether the person had a will. It generally applies in cases where they were the sole owner of the property (as opposed to holding a title jointly) or if their estate totals more than $100,000. 

At Andrea Heckman Law, you can count on our Arlington Heights probate attorney to act as a trusted legal ally on your side throughout these proceedings. Issues we can help you in addressing through the probate court include: 

  • Appointing a personal representative for the estate;
  • Filing the deceased person’s will with the court;
  • Providing a complete inventory of all property and assets;
  • Providing public notice of their death;
  • Collecting any outstanding money owed and settling all debts;
  • Distributing property and assets among beneficiaries;
  • Filing a final tax return and closing the estate. 

We Protect Your Rights in Arlington Heights Probate Court Proceedings

Probate is one of the most complex areas of law. The rules and requirements governing these proceedings are often difficult to understand and hard for grieving families to navigate on their own. With our years of experience helping clients and our thorough knowledge of state probate laws, you can count on Andrea Heckman Law to protect your rights throughout the process. 

Our Arlington Heights probate attorney provides the professional legal representation you need in addressing important issues that often arise in these cases. This includes: 

  • Identifying non-probate assets, such as property held in trust and funds available through life insurance policies;
  • Addressing problems with the will, including handling will contests and cases where someone died intestate (without a will);
  • Locating beneficiaries and resolving disputes among heirs;
  • Addressing tax issues or disputed debts;
  • Representing you in the Cook County Probate Court and ensuring all legal documents are filed properly. 

Contact Our Arlington Heights Probate Attorney to Schedule a Consultation Today

During this difficult time, you can count on Andrea Heckman Law to provide the professional legal representation you need. Our Arlington Heights probate attorney can guide you in settling your loved one’s estate, making sure property and assets are distributed properly. Call or contact our office online to schedule a consultation today.  

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