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If you have children, child custody is arguably the most critical issue that will be dealt with in your divorce proceedings. Of course, the division of your assets and debts, spousal maintenance, and child support are also essential components in a divorce decree. However, both children and parents are significantly impacted by custody orders. By working with compassionate child custody lawyers in Plainfield, you can help ensure the best outcome in your child custody case.

What is the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody?

Illinois family courts view child custody in two different parts. There’s physical custody which dictates where the child will live and their visitation schedules. There’s also legal custody that gives one or both parents the right to make important decisions on behalf of the child, such as those regarding their religious upbringing, healthcare, and education. 

One parent can have full physical and legal custody, both parents can share both types of custody, or potentially one parent can have one, and one parent can have the other. How each type of custody is worked out depends on the parents’ ability to negotiate and compromise, as well as what the court determines is in the child’s best interest. By hiring experienced child custody attorneys in Plainfield, you can ensure that you understand your rights in these critical matters. 

What is Visitation?

When one parent has sole physical custody of a child, the other parent is typically granted visitation. Visitation usually involves the child visiting that parent overnight on some weekends, holidays, days off of school, and summer vacation. The courts typically allow both parents to work out the details themselves. However, if they can reach a fair agreement, the court will do it for them. If the court must come up with the visitation schedule, the divorce process will potentially be longer and more expensive. Our child custody lawyers in Plainfield are skilled negotiators who work hard to help you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse reach an amicable agreement whenever possible.

Modifying Your Custody Agreement

Life circumstances change, and the Illinois family courts know this. That is why under certain qualifying conditions, they will allow changes to be made to the custody agreement. You can’t file for a child custody modification simply because you got upset at your child’s other parent or want to take a vacation. However, appropriate reasons for a modification request include:

  • Moving
  • Job changes
  • Medical needs of the parents or child
  • Marriage of one parent
  • The birth of another child to one parent

If you think you have a reason to file for a modification or your ex-spouse has filed for a modification, reach out to seasoned child custody attorneys in Plainfield as soon as possible to have your rights represented.

You Can Count on Our Child Custody Lawyers in Plainfield

At Andrea Heckman Law, our child custody attorneys in Plainfield know how much you love and care for your children. We stand up for your rights and help you reach the best possible custody arrangement. You can count on us to advocate for you and your children. Contact us today to schedule a case consultation.

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