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Matters pertaining to children are among the most important and sensitive dealt with in the Illinois Court system. Your rights as a parent and your child’s well-being may be on the line. To help ensure your family is protected, get Andrea Heckman Law on your side. 

Our child custody lawyers in Schaumburg have more than 10 years of experience helping clients in family court matters. You can count on us to provide the caring support and trusted legal representation you need to get the best possible outcome in parenting time arrangements

We Protect Families in Schaumburg Child Custody Cases

As a parent, nothing matters more to you than protecting your children. This can prove difficult when child custody is an issue. Disputes between parents are common in cases of divorce or in the aftermath of paternity proceedings. 

Under the Illinois Statutes, rather than simply awarding one parent custody and the other visitation, parenting time is allocated between the parties. This generally involves: 

  • Determining the amount of time the child will spend in each parent’s home during the week;
  • Rights to overnight stays on weekends and extended visits over school breaks;
  • Alternating holidays and other special occasions;
  • Legal decision making authority in matters affecting the child, such as their education, medical care, and religious upbringing. 

In making these arrangements, you can count on Andrea Heckman Law to act as a strong legal advocate on your side. Our child custody lawyers in Schaumburg take the actions needed to ensure you and your child are protected. 

How Our Child Custody Lawyers in Schaumburg Help You

When dealing with child custody matters through the Cook County Domestic Relations Court, the judge in your case will consider a variety of factors in allocating parenting time. This includes each parent’s current and prior relationship with the child, their ability to provide for their needs, and their willingness to work with the other parent in implementing arrangements. 

Our child custody lawyers in Schaumburg guide you throughout these proceedings. Ways in which we can help include: 

  • Thoroughly reviewing all the circumstances surrounding your case;
  • Advising you on how state laws apply;
  • Filing the appropriate legal documents;
  • Negotiating with other attorneys involved;
  • Appearing by your side at hearings and making strong arguments in front of a judge;  
  • Making sure any final orders are enforced. 

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When it comes to protecting your children and your rights as a parent, you do not want to take any chances. For help in getting the best possible outcome in your case, reach out to Andrea Heckman Law. Call or contact our child custody lawyers in Schaumburg online to request a consultation today.

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