Divorce Attorney Near Rolling Meadows

Divorce Attorney Near Rolling Meadows

Illinois law recognizes the right of married couples to dissolve their marriages if they choose to do so and the right of each spouse to leave the marriage with their fair share of the marital property. A lot of couples want to do anything they can to avoid facing each other in a courtroom, especially if they have children together, but even if your divorce case does not go to trial, it is still a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer, even if your spouse does not hire one. A Rolling Meadows divorce lawyer can help you work out all the details of your divorce, from property division and possession to the marital home to parenting time and child support.

A Rolling Meadows Divorce Attorney Can Help You Get Maintenance and Parenting Time

The simplest divorce cases are the ones where both spouses have a high enough income or enough separate property that they can easily be financially independent of each other as soon as the divorce is finalized. Your Rolling Meadows divorce lawyer has a bigger job when, during your marriage, one spouse depended on the other financially, such as if one of you was a stay-at-home parent. In cases like this, the financially disadvantaged spouse has the right to request maintenance, also known as alimony or spousal support, from the wealthier spouse. If you cannot agree on how much the amount of maintenance should be, or for how long it should last, the court will decide. The court usually calculates maintenance based on the assumption that the financially disadvantaged spouse will return to the workforce after the divorce, unless the financially disadvantaged spouse is retired or has a disability.

Parenting time is another potentially contentious issue in many divorce cases. Sometimes it is not practical to divide the parenting time evenly. Each family gets an individualized parenting plan that addresses issues such as holidays and transportation from one parent’s house to the other.

Marital and Nonmarital Property in Illinois Law

During a divorce, some couples disagree not only about how to divide their property but also about which property to divide. Marital property, which you must divide, is all the income and assets acquired during the marriage, regardless of who earned what. Nonmarital property belongs to one spouse only and is not subject to division. Anything you have owned since before you got married is your nonmarital property, as is inheritance money and personal injury lawsuit settlements you received during the marriage. The court might classify assets you owned during the marriage or assets you inherited as marital if you shared them with your spouse, such as if you deposited your inheritance money in a joint bank account. A Rolling Meadows divorce attorney can help you divide your marital property in the fairest possible way.

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