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Marriage dissolution’s moral acceptability recently hit an all-time high. So, more people than ever view divorce as a legitimate way to end an unsatisfying relationship. Largely thanks to some massive legal changes in 2017, divorces in Illinois are usually either extremely simple or extremely complex. There is little middle ground — and only a handful of divorces are extremely simple.

Therefore, if your marriage is ending, you need help from the dedicated Palatine divorce attorneys at the Andrea Heckman Law We quickly evaluate your case and your legal options, based on the facts as well as your needs and goals in a particular situation. Then, our dedicated professionals put a plan into action. You can rest assured that this plan upholds the best interests of your family and protects your legal and financial rights.

Getting Started

On its face, divorce paperwork is usually straightforward. Because of the aforementioned 2017 changes, insupportability, or no-fault divorce, is the only legal basis for divorce in Illinois. The rarely used fault grounds, like adultery and mental cruelty, are no longer available.

Giving the respondent legal notice, however, is a different matter. The law requires strict adherence with highly technical requirements. All notices must state certain things and be presented in certain ways. An error at this point usually creates costly delays later.

The Temporary Hearing

It is important to partner with a Palatine divorce attorney as soon as you file or as soon as you receive divorce paperwork because the critical temporary hearing is just around the corner.

At these hearings, Cook County judges issue orders in critical areas like parenting time and spousal support. Typically, these orders are difficult to undo, and they carry over into the final divorce decree. 

Assume Beth receives temporary custody of the children and Tim receives visitation privileges. Even if the arrangement is not perfect, Beth will probably receive a majority of the parenting time in the final decree. Most family law judges like the family to remain as stable as possible. They prize consistency over everything else.

So, if possible, aggressive Palatine divorce attorneys generally file motions to modify the temporary orders. This activity is not just a delay tactic. It shifts the advantage from one side to the other.

Assume the judge orders a social services evaluation in Beth and Tim’s divorce. If the social worker recommends that Beth be the residential custodian, Tim’s Palatine divorce attorney should probably ask for a modification. If the judge grants it, the stability factor is on his side instead of against him.


Most divorce matters settle out of court. These settlements, which are normally in everyone’s best interests, usually occur during informal or formal mediation.

Informal mediation is simply ongoing negotiations between Palatine divorce attorneys. Sometimes, settlement negotiations wrap up quickly. Other times, they could last for several months, especially in extremely complex divorces.

During formal mediation, a neutral third party, who is usually an unaffiliated Palatine divorce attorney, works to facilitate a settlement between the two sides. These intense sessions usually last either a half-day or a full day.

Contact an Aggressive Lawyer

Knowing what to expect in a divorce makes the process easier, especially from an emotional standpoint. For a free consultation with an experienced Palatine divorce attorney, contact the Andrea Heckman Law Home and after-hours visits are available.

Contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation and review of your case.


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