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A Rolling Meadows estate planning lawyer can help you prepare to enjoy your retirement and avoid family conflict during probate.

Estate planning lawyers often say that estate planning is about planning for life, not death. Actually, it is about planning for both. Developing an effective estate plan requires detailed knowledge of laws about taxes, elder care, and intestate succession, among other legal matters. It can be overwhelming to make all of these plans on your own, especially if you are uncomfortable thinking about mortality. A Rolling Meadows estate planning attorney can help you be pragmatic about the future and develop an estate plan that brings happiness to you and the people you care about the most.

How a Rolling Meadows Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help With Your Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is about more than just writing a will. It is about creating a comprehensive plan for your old age and about providing financially for the people and organizations of your choice after you die. These are some things to consider in your estate plan:

  • Long-term care, including aging in place or nursing home care
  • Delegating responsibility over your finances and medical care if you become too ill to make decisions about these for yourself
  • Giving gifts and charitable donations to the beneficiaries of your choice during your lifetime
  • Writing a will
  • Creating a revocable trust
  • Keeping assets out of probate by designating payable on death (POD) or transfer on death (TOD) beneficiaries

It is possible to create an estate plan without a lawyer, but if you do not hire an estate planning lawyer, you will pay much higher taxes, and you and the beneficiaries of your estate will incur many avoidable expenses.

You are Not Too Young to Consult a Rolling Meadows Estate Planning Attorney

The estate planning attorneys at Andrea Heckman Law work with clients of all ages. These are some reasons why people below the age of 65 can benefit from the services of estate planning lawyers:

  • You have minor children, and you want to formalize your preferences about their care if you die before they reach adulthood.
  • You are about to get married, you and your fiancé have children from previous marriages, and you want to sign a prenuptial agreement about what your spouse will inherit and what your children will inherit.
  • Instead of a sales pitch from a financial planner, you want straight talk from an estate planning attorney about what your standard of living will be like in retirement, given your current income and the current value of your assets. 

Contact the Rolling Meadows Estate Planning Lawyers at Andrea Heckman Law

It is not too soon to contact an estate planning lawyer in the Chicago area. Your lawyer can help you with the fun parts and the intimidating parts of planning for the next phase of your life. Contact Andrea Heckman Law in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, to get started working on your estate plan so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your prosperity.

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