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Also referred to as spousal support or alimony, spousal maintenance is the amount of money paid by one spouse to another throughout the course of a divorce and after the divorce is finalized. Though spousal maintenance and alimony is not awarded in every case, it is important that it is granted or refused in all of the appropriate situations.

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Types of Spousal Maintenance

There are two types of spousal support that are granted in Illinois:

  • Permanent maintenance: This type of maintenance is generally granted to spouses who have relied completely on their former spouses’ income and are elderly or unlikely to ever earn an income that allows them to maintain their current lifestyle.
  • Temporary maintenance: This support payment is paid in order to help a spouse while the divorce is still pending.
  • Maintenance in gross: This type of spousal support is paid in one large payment near the date of divorce. There can be certain tax advantages to this form of alimony.
  • Rehabilitative maintenance: Also known as “reviewable” or “periodic maintenance,” this type of support is granted in order to provide a spouse with the proper financial support while he or she returns to the work force.
  • Unallocated maintenance: This type of maintenance does not distinguish between child support and spousal maintenance. This option may also provide you with certain tax advantages.

Factors That Contribute to Spousal Maintenance

There are many factors that the courts may consider when determining if alimony is appropriate and what amount, such as:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age of the parties
  • Each spouse’s earnings
  • Each spouse’s income-earning potential
  • Education level of each spouse

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