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The Rolling Meadows living will lawyers at Andrea Heckman Law can help you express your wishes about the medical care that you do and do not wish to receive in the event that you receive a diagnosis of a terminal illness.

When family members battle in probate court about the inheritance of a recently deceased relative, slinging allegations about undue influence, it is painful for more parties involved. What is even more damaging to family relationships, though, is when family members disagree about whether the medical treatment a terminally ill relative who is too ill to communicate their own wishes is receiving is adding valuable time to the patient’s life or simply prolonging their suffering. The best way to prevent this situation from arising in your family is to issue an advance medical directive or living will, stating your wishes about end-of-life care.

A Living Will is About Medical Care, Not Finances

Your will, also known as a last will and testament, is an important part of your estate plan, but it only deals with what will happen to your property after you die. Estate planning also requires you to make decisions about medical and personal care you may need in your old age. For example, you should decide now which nursing home you want to enter in the event that you require nursing home care. You should also decide who has the right to make decisions about your medical care if you become too ill to make them for yourself. You should make these decisions now, while you are healthy, and when there can be no question as to whether these instructions reflect your true wishes.

The Illinois Living Will Act defines terminal illnesses and death-delaying procedures. By signing the Living Will form, you are expressing a wish not to receive death-delaying procedures after your illness has become terminal and when no treatments besides death-delaying ones are available. Signing a living will does not mean physician-assisted suicide; it simply means choosing hospice care instead of invasive procedures when such procedure may slightly delay your death. A living will is only valid if you sign it in the presence of witnesses who certify that you are healthy enough to make a decision about this matter.

Everyone Needs a Plan About End-of-Life Care

If you are sure that a living will fits in with your plans about end-of-life care, the time to sign one is now. Do not wait until your health is failing and there is room for your family to argue about whether a certain family member who stands to inherit a substantial sum from you pressured you into it. A living wills lawyer can answer your questions about living wills and advance medical directives.

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A Rolling Meadows living will lawyer can help you formulate your wishes about end-of-life care. Contact Andrea Heckman Law in Rolling Meadows, Illinois to discuss living wills and other aspects of your estate plan.


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