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What to Expect During a Divorce Hearing in Illinois

Going through a divorce involves major upheavals in your personal life and finances. Whether you are the one who filed for a divorce or you have been served with a divorce petition and a summons to appear in court by your spouse, it is natural to have concerns. 

As experienced Illinois divorce attorneys, Andrea Heckman Law provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need throughout the process. Find out more about what you can expect during a divorce hearing below.  

Issues Addressed in Divorce Hearings in Illinois

Every divorce is different and the circumstances are as unique as the individual parties involved. However, there are general issues under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Statutes that must be resolved in any case before a final divorce order is issued. These are generally the topic of divorce hearings and include:

  • Equitable division: Any marital property, assets, and debts must be split between you and your spouse on an equitable basis. Rather than dividing everything evenly, factors such as each party’s income, their contributions to the marriage, and whether there was a prenuptial agreement in place will factor into the decision.
  • Maintenance: If you make significantly less than your spouse or abandoned your own career or education during the marriage, you may be entitled to maintenance payments. 
  • Parenting time: If there are children from your marriage, a parenting plan will determine the amount of parenting time each party is entitled to. 
  • Child support: This will depend on each party’s income, the child’s special needs, and parenting time arrangements. 

Divorce Hearings in Illinois: What to Expect

There are two basic types of divorce cases in Illinois: contested and uncontested cases. In uncontested cases, both parties agree to the terms of the divorce and may only need to attend a ‘prove up’ hearing, where the judge reviews the details and issues a final order in your case. 

In a contested divorce, the case will typically go to trial. Here is what to expect at this type of divorce hearing: 

  • Each side has the opportunity to present their case;
  • Expert witnesses, statements from family or friends, and other evidence will be submitted;
  • The judge will carefully review all information provided;
  • Based on the evidence and how the law applies, they will issue a final verdict in the case. 

Get Trusted Legal Guidance From Our Illinois Divorce Attorneys

Divorce hearings can impact your personal life and financial security for years to come. Andrea Heckman Law provides the trusted legal guidance you need to protect your rights throughout the process. To get the professional representation you need when attending divorce hearings, call or contact our Illinois divorce attorneys online and request a consultation today.

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