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Since its founding in 1866, Palatine has grown from a nondescript Chicago & Northwestern railroad whistle-stop into one of the largest cities in Chicagoland. Family laws have changed considerably since 1866, as well. Back then, divorce was almost unheard of, and, if it happened, mothers always obtained full custody of their children. Today, divorce is much more common, and child custody and visitation disputes often continue for years.

The compassionate Palatine family law lawyers at Andrea Heckman Law understand the financial and emotional challenges that families face in today’s Illinois. We not only handle a wide array of family law matters in Cook County and nearby jurisdictions, we help families survive and thrive in the modern world.

Matters We Handle

Our professional team handles divorces with skill and dedication. We know all the procedural and evidentiary rules, so we shepherd your case through the complex Cook County legal system. We are also familiar with the emotional and financial issues in divorce matters, so we stand firm for your legal and financial rights.

These emotional issues usually involve child visitation and custody. Illinois lawmakers recently approved a new co-parenting law. This measure significantly altered parental rights and responsibilities, for both residential and nonresidential parents. 

Since family dynamics often change, these orders can require frequent modification. Other changed circumstances include income and place of residence alterations.

Many of these same changes and issues affect spousal support obligations. The new co-parenting law replaced the subjective spousal support determination process with a guideline-based system that’s similar to the one used in child support matters. Like the child support guidelines, the spousal support guidelines are not determinative in all cases.

Emotional issues, like remarriage, and financial issues, like changing incomes, affect spousal support payments in the future. These changes could support successful modification motions.

Much like divorce was once uncommon, paternity issues were uncommon, or they were swept under the rug. Today, out-of-wedlock births outnumber wedded births among some population groups. Legal paternity actions help these families overcome the unique challenges they face. These actions usually have emotional benefits, as well, especially for children.

How We Can Help

Every family situation is different, but at Andrea Heckman Law, our approach is consistent and effective.

We start each case with a conversation. This conversation continues throughout the legal process. The best attorney-client relationships are partnerships, and successful partnerships depend on active and open communication.

Sometimes, we are able to favorably resolve family law disputes without going to court. Generally, however, we take the initiative and file legal paperwork straightaway. This quick and decisive action gives us an advantage.

Once the discovery process begins, we actively collect evidence that supports your positions on key emotional and financial issues.

Frequently, family law cases end the same way they begin, that is, with a conversation. But this time, the conversation usually includes the other side, as well as a neutral third-party mediator. If both sides communicate openly and work with the mediator in good faith, mediation is usually successful.

Reach Out to a Thorough Attorney

Most family law cases involve financial and emotional issues. For a consultation with an experienced family law attorney in Palatine contact Andrea Heckman Law. After-hours visits are available.

Contact our office to arrange for a free initial consultation and review of your case.


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